Current interests and research

I am broadly interested in quantum and classical gravity, especially from the perspective of holography and AdS/CFT, which enables a rich interaction with quantum information theory and strongly coupled quantum field theory. So far, most of my work has been on the gravity side of AdS/CFT. I am increasingly interested in the use of AI to conduct science, and the application of ideas from physics to understand AI. My papers include:
Cryptographic Censorship
Subregion Independence in Gravity
Maximal Entangling Rates from Holography
The Penrose Inequality as a Constraint on the Low Energy Limit of Quantum Gravity
Canonical Purification of Evaporating Black Holes
Negative Complexity of Formation: the Compact Dimensions Strike Back
General Bounds on Holographic Complexity
Conformal Rigidity from Focusing
Holography Abhors Visible Trapped Surfaces

Past research

Real time strong coupling dynamics

Coupling Constant Corrections in a Holographic Model of Heavy Ion Collisions with Nonzero Baryon Number Density

Effective modelling of hot QCD

Thermodynamics and phase diagrams of Polyakov-loop extended chiral models

Detectors and silicon radiation damage

Development of a silicon bulk radiation damage model for Sentaurus TCAD
LHCb VELO Timepix3 Telescope