Current Research

I am interested in AdS/CFT and the avenues it opens for exploration: strong coupling, real time dynamics in QFTs, phases of gauge theories and quantum gravity. Currently I am working on a research project on shockwave collisions in AdS in higher derivative gravity with nonzero baryon number. In particular I am studying Gauss-Bonnet gravity coupled to a Maxwell field to investigate the effects of large but non-infinite coupling on the dynamics of a conserved U(1)-charge. This system can be taken as a toy model for heavy ion collisions with nonzero baryon number and at large but finite coupling.

Previous Research

Effective modelling of hot QCD

Thermodynamics and phase diagrams of Polyakov-loop extended chiral models

Detectors and Silicon Radiation Damage

Development of a silicon bulk radiation damage model for Sentaurus TCAD
LHCb VELO Timepix3 Telescope